Salad machinery​

Salmac Ltd specialise in the supply of machines, support and expertise in the following areas:​​​​


  • Primary cultivation, with the added benefit of being able to offer machinery for the accurate and appropriate application of chemicals. Application can be on a single bed or broad acre system

  • Bed preparation using single or triple bed machines, combined with the advantage of being able to offer twin rotor and stone burying machines

  • Fertiliser and its economic application, enabling you to save money and fertiliser!

  • Accurate drilling, using different drills for a wide range of applications, saving time and money

  • Produce is cut cleanly and quickly with minimal handling which improves harvesting. This reduces crop damage and wastage

Salmac Bassi SM 2000 seed drill

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ARC ECO tying machine

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ARC tying machine with quiklok tagging unit

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